Resources and Cool Tools

Free Image Sites

We’re not a fan of using stock images but sometimes they are a necessary evil.  Here are some of my “go to” sites.


pix logo


Photos, illustrations, videos, vectors & music.

unsplash logo


Tons of beautiful photos.


namecheap logo

These guys are super easy to deal with, they don’t jack up your prices after a year and they give you free WhoisGuard Privacy Protection for life which can sometimes run you $20+/year.


Currently my favorite and most affordable hosting platform.  Latest speed technologies, unique security solutions and amazing technical support.

And if you need more power, WPengine might fit the bill for you.

Cool Color Tools


The super fast color schemes generator!

Create the perfect palette or get inspired by thousands of beautiful color schemes.

Blend logo
Create and customize beautiful CSS3 gradients.
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